Maintained Version
The fokes at UVD have done some bug squashing and have been kind enough to upload their work to github.
I'd recommend that anyone interested in pyrow follow the below link for a maintained copy of the code.

This code has not been thoroughly tested and may not function as advertised.
Please report and findings to the author so that they may be addressed in a stable release.
[Link to C2Forum Thread]

PyRow is python code that allows one to interact with a Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer PM3 or PM4 monitor using built in functions or csafe commands. Please read through the included 'readme.txt' file for a better understanding of what PyRow is and how to use it.

Python Programming Language [LINK]
PyUSB 1.0 [LINK] ** Please read through the requirements for PyUSB, additional software (libusb) needs to be downloaded to get PyUSB working on your system.

PyRow can be downloaded by clicking here.

Version History
Beta 12/06/2011 - Initial Release
Beta 01/18/2012 - Corrected connection issue found with Linux systems (Thank you to Zafar Iqbal who found and helped to solve this issue)

pyrow [at] newhavenrowingclub [dot] org

Post date: 01/18/2012